CIDA 2022

3rd Communication in the Digital Age Symposium
October 12-15, Ankara


CIDA International is an international symposium organized jointly by the Communication Research Association (ILAD), which was founded in 1989, and the Communication Faculty Deans Council (ILDEK), formed by the deans of communication faculties operating in Turkey and abroad since 2000, depending on the Turkish higher education system.

Two Communication Symposiums in the Digital Age were held, the first of which was hosted by Mersin University Faculty of Communication in 2018 and the second one hosted by İzmir University of Economics Faculty of Communication in 2020. The third of the symposium, CIDA International 2022, will be held under the leadership of Ankara University Faculty of Communication (ILEF), in addition to the communication faculties of Başkent University, Hacettepe University and Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University, as well as the relevant departments and programs of Çankaya, Atılım, Ankara Social Sciences universities in Ankara. It will be held in Ankara on 12-15 October 2022 by an academic consortium consisting of departments.



The dominant position of the field of communication in the regulation of social life and its centuries-old history as an academic discipline places it among the main determinants of the digital age. It is a well-known fact that studies on the general and sub-branches of the field have started to meet at the intersection of digitalization in the historical process and that digitalization-oriented approaches are next to what traditional and canonical studies have brought to the communication literature.

While drawing attention to an important question whether this situation signifies a paradigmatic transformation in the field of communication or is it just a moment that emerges in the historical flow; a conjunctural situation also stands out, in which the extent of digitalization reminds of infrared, which is essentially an outdated technical expansion. This technology, in which information is coded and transferred to the receiver with the use of a led light, has already been replaced by means of wireless and long-distance access, but the excitement in the first reaction of humanity to this transmission, where it is not seen but the results can be seen, still keeps the acceleration of the digital age from the Matrix to the Metaverse universe alive.

The fantastic content of the narratives that present archaic projections about the transmission of knowledge, that the knowledge currently on earth may point to an ontological entity that we somehow decoded and revealed over time, not that we found later, but that was encoded in our cells; doesn’t it draw a remarkable framework in terms of signifying the continuity in the transfer of information from one place to another, even though it is parallel to what the lens held to the unknowns of the universe can show? Although this speculation in itself “how did it happen?” doesn’t answer the question, the digitization of information transfer encourages questions about who and what it was that brought forth the Metaverse universe after The Matrix and Black Mirror.

While approaching the development of the possibilities of technique from a deterministic and essentialist point of view, the questions that those in the aforementioned universes start to act independently of their creators or how they may feel towards those who created them; does it announce that the human is replacing God? The proposition that there is no time period in which predictions turn into so many new facts reveal so much foresight is strengthened by the fact that fictional contents have a factual nature gradually, and that there is no limit to what has been predicted over what has happened.

While CIDA International 2022 has the identity of an ancient time agora in a digital age where questions directed to the conventional discussion areas of communication and evaluations from other disciplines that place the concept of communication at its center, its participants and stakeholders in this age, who and what the subject is, through digital universes that look like portable temples calls for questioning. In this context, it presents a clear and provocative call to examine the facts and make comments on what is predicted.

Organized by the academic consortium formed under the leadership of Ankara University Faculty of Communication (ILEF), CIDA International 2022 will be held in Ankara on 12-15 October 2022. The course of the COVID-19 epidemic will be decisive, but face-to-face symposium is prioritized. In this context, the calendar of CIDA International 2022, where online presentations can be made in mandatory cases, starts on February 1, 2022.




Extended abstracts will be accepted through the EasyChair online conference system until June 19, 2022.

Abstract submission process has ended.


Registration fees to be applied separately for all participants, including multi-author papers, are as follows:

Postgraduate Researchers 150 TL
Teaching Staff 300 TL
Foreign Currency 50 Euros



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Photos: Alp Eren Kaya, Kaan Kutlu, Oğuzhan Burak, Pixabay, Tuğçe Kutlu, Uğraş Bingöl

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